Cafe Missing Tour Booking

TOURING 2016/2017

 Since 2014 Fittings Multimedia Arts and First Take have been working with groups of young people from all over the country on what's missing in their lives, society, families and friends. The result is this inspiring new touring show… Café Missing.


Café Missing is available through 2016 and 2017 with touring packages negotiable based on block date bookings, workshop & performance residencies or one-nighters.

Please contact Adrian Turrell-Watts, Producer to discuss the options available: / 07815 078 219

The Missing Project and Café Missing is an ongoing touring project originally funded by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Programme

The set-up & synopsis

We need an accessible space: studio theatre, self-contained café space, hall... Contact us to discuss what’s possible.

Audiences of up to 60 people are seated on two sides of the performance area at tables, cabaret style. There is a musicians area at one end of the space and a large projection screen and ‘chef’s station’ at the other end along with a small tower of monitors from which ‘The Tannoy’ narrates part of the show (a tech rider is attached).

The Café opens. The audience is welcome by two performers and taken through from front-of-house via an area where they are photographed in groups and sometimes individually (these photographs then appear in projection later in the show, much to everyone’s delight), they are led into the performance space where they take their seats at tables.

The audience is provided with food: vegetarian dal, chapattis and sliced fruit (ie: banana, mango, pineapple, melon, orange), which they are invited to share with each other. The performers (waiters) serve them with the food and pour water for them.

The main performance involves storytelling, poetry, live acoustic and hip-hop music, some dance some audience interaction. The atmosphere is very friendly, fun, inspirational and moving.

There is live and recorded video projection to accompany the live action. Spoken words are captioned and often interpreted with BSL. There is live integrated audio description to describe the characters at the beginning of the show. There are MP3 players available with a five minute description of the set up and playing space before the show and touch tours are also available before the show if requested.

At the end of the show the performers bow and shake hands with the audience who then often remain in the space chatting with the performers and other audience members, finishing the food, writing their thoughts on the ‘chalk board’ table cloths and writing on luggage labels that are tied to part of the set as a wall of ‘Missing Things’.

The show lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes from the cast’s welcome to the end of the performance but we advise allowing a full two hours from first audience contact until clearing the audience at the end of the show.


Playing space: 10m x 4.3m minimum (talk to us about the spaces you have in mind and we’ll work out what’s possible)

Set Up: Café style set up with small tables on 2 sides with chairs for an audience of 50/60 people. Traverse staging. Please could we have a jug of water on each table. Side table to one side for food prep.

Pre show ‘holding’ area – Please set with small set of step ladders.

No in Co: 8 touring members. 5 performers 3 techs/SM

Get in/Fit up: We require access to the venue a maximum of 6 hours prior to show start, subject to change throughout the tour.

2 hours - stage set up/focus

2 hours - tech and space rehearsal

1 hour cast warm up

1 hour cast break

The get out will take us 1 hour after the show has finished.

Production Manager will lead fit up, supported by all members of the cast.

Running Time:   Approximately 1 hr 10 mins – inc pre-show


Main space - general wash with specials. See attached LX plan. 13amp power for LED strip lighting incorporated into the set at both ends. Lighting to be pre-rigged if possible. 1 birdie on mic stand – we are touring birdie, but require a mic stand. Battery t-lights on tables.

Holding area – Bright, stark, cold light.

Sound:                  Connection into main house PA for macbook.

                                Connection into main PA for 1 other laptop.

                                Power for guitar and amp. 2 guitar DI’s.

                                Power and connection to main PA for electric piano.

                                We are touring with 3 monitors, all need power.

                                Holding area – no sound required in this area.

Projection:          Use of in house screen and projector

                                We are also touring 2 monitor screens run off laptop – require 13 amp power.

                                Holding area - we will require 13amp power for 2 projectors and 2 DVD players (touring).

Live Feed:           Video cable – we are touring

Truss Tower:      Video cable (touring) + audio connection. 3 Stage weights required.

Food/Drink:        13amp power for touring portable electrical hob.

Some pre-prepared food will be served to the audience/placed on the tables for their consumption. Our chef (food hygiene certification available) will prepare and cook some food as part of the performance. Dahl served at very start of show, sliced fruit and chapattis on tables.

We require a food preparation area. We are bringing all utensils/equipment to do this. Please could we have a washing up area for after the show.

Please allow audience members to bring through drinks from the bar if they have purchased them.

BSL: Some BSL will happen live. Some is projected on screen during the performance. Not every part of the show is interpreted with BSL.

Captioning: This will be on the main screen as an integral part of our projection.

Audio Description: Part of this will be as an integral part of the performance. We can also offer a touch tour of the set prior to the performance for those who would like one and we will have a limited number of mp3’s available pre show for those wanting more detail. This needs to be pre-booked if possible.

Dressing Rms: Dressing room space for 5 performers. Water provided. Access to toilet facilities. Iron and ironing board.

Parking: Parking required for 1 van (transit) and 1 car.


Adrian Turrell-Watts (Producer)

Fiona Hilton (Production Manager)