Fittings have a long history of establishing workshop programmes and education materials to enhance, complement and inform our shows.

Between 2014 & 2016 we developed our 'Missing!' project with David 'Stickman' Higgins, the filmmaker and digital artist Jane Farley, rapper Juganaut and musician Sally Clay to name a few of the amazing artists who worked with us and with diverse young people from all walks of life to explore what 'Missing' means to them. We then worked to create a new piece of touring theatre incorporating their music, poetry, writing and art work and 'Cafe Missing' was born.

We are now developing the work to create residencies that will tour with the show to inform and change it on the road.

We also run workshops and talks for arts companies and other businesses on creative access as well as creating resources to raise the profile of access within the arts:

Edmund the Learned Pig explores accessible theatre:

Our learned friend Edmund ponders the making of his show 'Edmund the Learned Pig' and how to make accessible theatre. Starring Edmund (of course) as well as The Boss and The Missus. Video created by First Take and Fittings Multimedia Arts and supported by Unlimited Impact.

Edmund The Learned Pig Involved workshops, handouts and worksheets. Click on the buttons below to view the examples.