Edmund Tour Booking

Touring 2017-2018

A Fittings Multimedia Arts, Krazy Kat Theatre Company, Royal Exchange Theatre Co-production

Edmund The Learned Pig

By Mike Kenny

With Music and Songs by Martyn Jacques

 A short and curly tale of itinerant Circus folk and

a Pig who taught himself to read.

"A deaf friendly musical with songs by Martyn Jacques of The Tiger Lillies… Really?... Are you sure that's wise?"

What do you get if you cross "our National Playwright for young people"  Mike Kenny with songs and music by Martyn Jacques of The Tiger Lillies - "The criminal castrati and his accordion driven anarchic Brechtian street opera trio" Then let them loose on a long forgotten poem by master of the macabre Edward Gorey.

Then you spice it up a bit by throwing into the mix Signed Song Diva Caroline Parker MBE fresh from her star turn at the Paralympics opening ceremony, Garry Robson one of the stars of The Ian Dury Musical "Reasons to Be Cheerful", Lindsay Kemp principal artist Kinny Gardner, tap dance jammer aerialist Annette Walker and Shock Headed Peter creator Tony Cairns.

Serve piping hot and you get the delicious dish….

Edmund the Learned Pig is a Deaf Friendly, Musical Play suitable for young shavers of 8+ and their families.

Don't be a silly sausage. Book it now!

A Feast for all the Family....

For further information contact: Adrian Turrell-Watts on 0151 708 8858 adrian@fittings.org.uk

The schedule is currently open and we’re booking dates through 2017 & 2018.

There are 6 performers on the road with 1 company manager, 2 technical and stage management and 2 personal assistants. A total of 11 people on tour.

The show will need an ideal performance area of 12m width x 9m depth and a clear height of 7m for aerial work. If these dimensions do not match with your performance space we can tour a flexible version of the show at a minimum of 8m wide by 8m deep by 5.5m high. Aerial work means the show won’t play at a lower height than 5.5m. The stage should be, or adapted to be, fully wheelchair accessible.

Get-in will take 5 hours and a minimum of two venue crew will be required to help with get-in get-out and operation. Full lighting plans will be available and are currently being compiled for touring venues. A full pre rig will be required. There are no recorded sound cues. Actors and instruments need to be miked and we require the following equipment through 11 inputs:

6 x lavalier radio mics
1 x DI box for electric piano
4 x instrument mics

BSL signing is fully integrated into the show and each show will be audio described. AD kit will be required including receivers and headsets for audiences.

We will require laundry facilities and cooking facilities (microwave) for edible props.

What they said….

"The real joy of Edmund the Learned Pig is that it's a show unbound by conventional expectations. The creative team have got the measure of making a show for children and here, imagination and possibility are king. There's a relish and a faith in the acceptance of young minds; where adults in the audience were raising eyebrows (cross-species romantic sparks, otherworldly falsetto and a trippy vision of pig heaven), children were agog, laughing and clapping then breathless and on the edge of their seats." 

WhatsOnStage ****

"the show's vaudevillian setting is enhanced by a deliciously decadent, accordion-heavy score from Martyn Jacques, founder of the alternative cabaret troupe the Tiger Lillies, which seems to have been devised as a means of introducing eight-year-olds to the thrill of Weimar-era floorshows".

Guardian 4 stars****

“Bonaparte’s circus is failing. The aerialist is afraid of heights and the mind-reader is losing his memory. Failing, that is, until the arrival of Edmund, a puppet pig who can talk, sing, read and dance. The design is all dusty, faded glamour which, combined with aerial silk work and music by the Tiger Lillies’ Martyn Jacques, really puts the spectacular into this super, sometimes very silly, show. References to Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ are dropped in amongst the bacon jokes, as Edmund is seen as either saviour or dinner. The play also beautifully integrates British Sign Language, the bilingual actors translating when other characters are talking. ‘Edmund the Learned Pig’ is a gloriously dark, humane, weird little show.”

Three Weeks 5 Stars *****

“Full of entertaining turns, songs, acts and mysteries to solve, this show packs a lot into a relatively short time. The centre of the show is Edmund, who moves from humble ingenue to big-headed star, innocent creature to aficionado of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. A series of placards regularly changed at the side of the stage provides the story chapters – and if there isn’t an illustrated book for children to accompany this show, there should be to help the audience remember everything that has happened…. There are some wonderful turns and sequences. Kinny Gardner delivers some hauntingly beautiful songs in a high-pitched contralto. Annette Walker as the silent Ariella is beautifully engaging, and provides the perfect wrap up to this powerfully engaging piece of theatre for all ages and abilities.”
Total Theatre

“A stylish, warm-hearted show for all the family, told with real bravado. This is the core of Edmund the Learned Pig, a delightfully vaudevillian floorshow for the older children among us. Featuring an atmospheric accordion-heavy score by Martyn Jacques – founder of alternative cabaret troupe the Tiger Lillies – and a no-nonsense script by experienced children’s writer Mike Kenny, the show successfully evokes the feel of this shabby troupe of 19th century travelling players. More, it offers a sufficiently understandable morality tale which touches not just on the corrupting allure of success (especially in show business) but also the need for each of us to be genuinely comfortable in our own skins. There is, for example, real poignancy at the point when Edmund, while recognising that he’s always been different, momentarily insists that he doesn’t want to be different… A stylish, warm-hearted show for all the family, told with real bravado.”
Broadway baby 4 Stars ****

“This 70 minute show is imaginative, impactful, has a clear emotional arc, is an interesting story, has fascinating characters, is spontaneously funny, is well performed, is inventive, hilarious with some thoughtful darker moments, is very entertaining, offers a sensitive message, will appeal to children and adults – and flies by!”
Fringe Review ‘Outstanding Show’

Link to trailers and video promo

 For a link to a video recording of full performance please email adrian@fittings.org.uk 

 Southbank Promo: http://youtu.be/N7ur7w6xpf4

 Royal Exchange Promo 2013: http://youtu.be/hlaS0NKWFu0

 Link to Interview with Garry Robson (Fittings Artistic Director and performer in the show: http://www.disabilityartsonline.org.uk/unlimited-2014-edmund-the-learned-pig-interview

 Link to Garry Robson talking about the show: http://youtu.be/BYlgH-sMg0Y

Main flyer and brochure copy

Fittings Multimedia Arts, Krazy Kat Theatre and The Royal Exchange, Manchester proudly present

Edmund the Learned Pig

By Mike Kenny

With Music and Songs by Martyn Jacques

Bonaparte's travelling circus, show and marvellous menagerie was on its uppers.

A zoo with just pigeons, an aerialist who won't leave the ground, a chipped plate spinning act, and a Mr Memory who can hardly remember his own name. Unsurprisingly no one was coming.

And then into their lives came Edmund the Learned Pig....

Based upon an unpublished poem by Edward Gorey this magical entertainment cunningly fuses integrated British Sign Language, puppets, music and story-telling to create a darkly pleasant rip-snorter of a show that will tickle the palette of grown-ups and young shavers alike.

MARVEL as Edmund proves he's no ordinary porker, be AMAZED as he tries to save the Circus, THRILL as he goes in search of the fate of other pigs...

A Feast for the whole Family!